Frequently Asked Questions | Adhesive Manufacturer in the Philippines - Kelvin Marketing
Frequently asked questions addressed by the top adhesive manufacturer in the Philippines.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have concerns with our current adhesive. Can you develop an adhesive that best fits our usage?

Most definitely.  Our team can help develop and enhance an adhesive for your specific requirements. Just fill out the form here to get a quote.

Why choose Kelvin Adhesives?

Sourcing of raw materials are done meticulously and sourced from reputable companies and brands.  Thorough testing and quality control are done.  We aim to innovate and improve your business through our adhesives to help you maximize value and efficiency.

What is RoHS?

Restriction of Hazardous Substances or RoHS is a product level compliance based on the European Union’s Directive 2002/95/EC, the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances.